The Building Cost Consultant is a key player in all phases of Projects and a trustful partner for Clients, Architects and Companies.

His expertise lies not only on the technical aspects of the trade, but also and foremost on the costs linked to a project (fees, costs of work, taxes, etc).

The Building Cost Consultant is the guarantor of the feasibility of the project, both in terms of budget but also of construction and durability. He works with the various actors respecting costs and the various laws and rules.

In short, he advises, quantifies, manages, estimates, recommends, controls and values.

Assisting the client

  • Gathering and analysing the requests and the requirements in order to define the
    Project’s programme.
  • Helps selecting and interviewing the various professionals / companies : architects,
    engineers, providers of renewable energy, energy savings, …
  • Negotiation and preparation of all contractual agreements.
  • Estimate / control of the extent and range of building costs.
  • Complete follow-up of the Studies and Execution “in the name and on behalf of”
    the Client.

Building Cost Consultant

  • Participation and follow-up on the elaboration of the Project, on an economical basis.
  • Analysis and control of the conformity of the quality level set for by the Client.
  • Reception and analysis of the detailed estimates provided by the various service providers.
  • Preparation of the General Estimate, with detailed view of the work and the materials, with measures and indicative prices.
  • Elaboration of the changes in the Project, in view of cost reduction, based on the
    specifications set by the Client, and adjusting the General Estimate.
  • Verification of material selection and technical design.
  • Writing the general and specific conditions, following the indications of the Client.
  • Writing the tenders by BCC (Building Cost Classification).
  • Selecting, together with the Client, the companies and suppliers who will be invited to put in a tender.
  • Follow up and reminder of the tenders.
  • Material and digital checking of the quotations.
  • Tender comparison, based on quality, quantities, unit prices and proposed discounts.
  • Analysis of the alternatives eventually proposed (costs and time).
  • Negotiation with the companies and suppliers.
  • Preparing comparative spreadsheet (with reference to the General Estimate) and propositions of bid awarding.
  • Preparation of the contracts.
  • Realisation, control and up-date of detailed payment schedule.
  • Regular follow-up of the evolution / modification of the Project (increase / reduced value).
  • Monitoring of accounts of carried-out work and invoices.
  • Preparation scheduling for the payments.
  • Update accounting of the Project, in line with the cost estimate.
  • Periodic update on the financial situation of the Project (budget, commitments,
  • Preparation and verification of the final cost settlements from all vendors.
  • Final financial analysis.
  • Reception and monitoring of bank guarantees.