Samuel Créations SA

Private Bank, Geneva

Transformation of the old building of TCS at the jardin Anglais (interior design) as a Private Bank.
In association with architects B. Erbeia.

Villa Honegg Hostel, Nidwald

Complete transformation and renovation of the existing hotel to create a pool int / ext, and an underground parking. Complete redevelopment of a farm outbuilding.
Area = 3’020 m²

Signal Resort, Puidoux

Hotel project includes the transformation of the hotel and the creation of new buildings.

Area = 22,000 m²

Cologny Property, Geneva

Redevelopment and expansion of a Mansion, the guard house and landscaping. Creation of an underground parking and an outdoor pool.
In association with architect Yves Keller.
Area = 1,850 m²

Property, Vaucluse

Enlarging a Master villa and outbuildings.
Area = 2,200 m²

Domaine de l’Ermitage, Geneva

Realization of 6 luxury apartments with underground parking, outbuildings (caretaker’s house, swimming pool with pool house, tennis), and landscaping.
Area = 5’220 m²

Hostel Collection, Suisse/Belgique

Studies for the expansion, restructuring and redevelopment of 7 luxury hotels.

  • Bern
  • Lausanne
  • Brussels
  • Lucerne
  • Bruges
  • Zurich
  • Geneva